Secure Data Backup


Can Your Business Survive A Disaster?
80% of small and mid-size businesses do not have adaquate data backup and recovery protection. Most businesses risk closing their doors after a major loss from fire, theft, lighting storm and floods. Protect your business with our secure in-office and remote data backup solutions.

Fast-teks Data Recovery Services includes:
• Recover Data
• Recovery of Files
• Data Backup
• Remote Data Back-up

Full Image PC Backup Service
• Local AND Cloud backup
• Covers entire PC, OS, Programs, Settings, Documents
• Fast recovery from catastrophic loss
• No expensive custom hardware required

Fast-teks is committed to protecting your data.

  • Data loss statistics are frightening for both homeowners and small businesses: Hardware and system failures account for 78% of all data loss
  • Over 700,000 new viruses were identified last year alone 93% of companies that suffer a significant data loss are out of business within 5 years.
  • A hard drive crashes every 15 seconds 100% of all hard drives eventually fail! Think about all of the critical data that is on your business computer. Financial documents, important letters, spreadsheets, presentations not to mention all of your music files and irreplaceable photos!

While CD’s and desktop backup devices are a good first step, what would happen in case of a fire, flood or break in? Your best (and safest) solution is off site data backup. Your data is securely encrypted and then sent via the internet to a level 4 data center.  In combination with a local hard drive backup, you are double covered!